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Avenger 220 DTS-i

Midnight Black  Plasma Blue  Mist Grey Silver  Cocktail Wine Red

Key Feature
The Comfort
Feature Advantage Benifit
Forward foot riding posture for driver. Comfortable and relaxed riding posture. Strain free ride.
Low saddle height - broad saddle seat. Bucket seat for comfort over all drives. Fatigue free driving.
Special backrest for the pillion. Pillion too has been taken care. Safe and comfortable feeling.
Low centre of gravity. Better road grip and stability while on drive. Good road holding - stability.
Wide tyres at front and rear. Better grip available. Excellent Road holding characteristics.
Duel foam density seat. Ensuring comfort for driver as well as pillion. Comfort on any kind of road.
The Convenience
Feature Advantage Benifit
Push button indicator cancellation. Just push the indicator button to cancel. Easy to ride without any driving/operating/maintenance hassles.
Low Battery level indicator. Get the warning before battery conks off.
Tripmeter to record distance travelled. Better to claim conveyance bills.
The Performance
Feature Advantage Benifit
4 stroke DTSi 220 CC engine DTSi technology advantages :
1. Good power and pick up.
2. Better fuel efficiency.
3. Lesser emissions.
Get the warning before battery conks off.
Ride that can be enjoyed due to Power packed performance.
Digital twin spark ignition.
Oil cooled engine - bigger oil cooler.

DC Ignition system advantages :
1. Easy to start due to low trigger start RPM.
2. Cold startability improved.

Type 4-stroke, single cylinder, DTS-i, air cooled with oil-cooler
Displacement (cc) 219.89
Max. Power (Ps @ rpm) 19.03 @ 8400
Max. Torque (Nm @ rpm) 17.5 @ 7000
Starting Electric
Front Telescopic
Rear Hydraulic Shock Absorber
Front Disc, Dia. 260 mm
Rear Drum, Dia. 130 mm
Front Tubetype Unidirectional - 90 / 90 x 17"
Rear Tubetype Unidirectional - 130 / 90 x 15"
Fuel Tank
Total litres(reserve, usable) 14 liter full (3.4 liter reserve)
Battery 12V, 9Ah
Head lamp 60 / 55W
Horn Drum, Dia. 130 mm
Wheelbase 1475 mm
Ground Clearance 169 mm
Kerb Weight 154.5 kg

DTS-I Engine
  DTS-I stands for digital twin spark ignition. This technology employs twin spark plug instead of single spark plug. Twin spark plugs coupled with digital CDI ensures efficient combustion. The flame coverage is higher in the combustion chamber leading to complete combustion of air fuel mixture and elimination of any unburned fuel. This leads to a very good combination of power and mileage. Employing this technology Avenger produces stupendous power of 19.01 Ps without compromising on mileage.
Ignition with a Digital C.D.I.
  A Digital C.D.I. with an 8 bit microprocessor chip handles the spark delivery. The programmed chip’s memory contains an optimum ignition timing for any given engine rpm, thereby obtaining the best performance characteristics from the combustion chamber. Working together with the TRICS III system, it delivers optimum ignition timing for varying load conditions
  Throttle responsive ignition control system IIIrd generation. It is a means of controlling the ignition by operating the throttle. Depending on the needs of the rider whether it be cruising, acceleration or max speed, the ignition requirements constantly change. Based on a particular amount of throttle opening, the magnetic field generated by the magnet opens or closes the reed switch. The reed switch is connected to the digital cdi, which signals the cdi to change/switch, the desired ignition advance timing maps. This helps in achieving a good balance between driveability and optimum ignition spark advance, resulting in an almost perfect ignition spark advance for every throttle opening and engine rpm.
  ExhausTEC (Patent Number 231498) is a device incorporated in exhaust system of ‘Avenger DTS-i engine. ‘TEC’ stands
for ‘torque expansion chamber’. This world-first technology developed by Bajaj Auto improves the ‘scavenging’ process.
The exhaust system has this revolutionary feature incorporated, which drastically improves engine torque at low revs without compromising anything at mid or high engine revs. It has been extensively optimised to get the maximum possible performance out of the engine. The silencer also has a characteristic tonal quality to it. It gives out a pleasant sounding
low frequency ‘boom’ sound. While meeting the mandatory current noise norms, it gives the bike an identity, which is different from any other bike, so as to make it very unique.
We are pleased to mention that Bajaj has been awarded patent for its innovation “ExhausTEC”, Patent Number 231498   

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